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AIEA is a Professional Student Recruitment and Training Company providing students and parents with current information about studies offered globally. AIEA offers information about Universities, Admissions, Programs, Accommodation and Student Visas. AIEA is known globally and represents many Universities as well as a number of leading English Language Centres, Technical Colleges and schools in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Europe both locally and globally.

AIEA is located in Melbourne Australia, but we work globally allowing us to support and help students wherever they are in the world. We provide high-level information that makes us known for our excellence in service. AIEA has become known and a trusted agency due to its expertise and support to students from diverse cultural backgrounds, we provide only the best services to keep our clients experiences at its best and at its highest level. 

What We Do

Work with our experts to explore your options and help students carve a path into the best universities available. AIEA focuses on universities that are  recognised for their high-quality education and are a popular option for international students  looking to study abroad.

Step 1


Choose the country you want to study in. You can choose to study in different destinations like Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Europe.

Step 2


Choose from a list of institutions from your chosen destination. Just let us know what level you would qualify at and what your preference would be. Studying in a College, University or an English School.

Step 3


After choosing your destination, you can now submit your online application form where it will be directed to one of our professional consultants at the AIEA.

Step 4


Once your application form has been accepted we will then check to make sure all your paperwork is completed and correct. The AIEA will then start to apply to  the university you have chosen with the course details of your choice.

Step 5


At AIEA we will provide high level services with specialised consultants designed to help take away the stress from the process of applying for a visa. 

Step 6


Finally at AIEA we will help to provide all the relevant information to help make your transition to another country as easy and stress free as possible.  We aim to make your experience as comfortable as possible.

Step By Step Guide

We have provided an outline of the steps needed to proceed with studying abroad.


Choose Your Study Destination


Choose Your Study Preference


Now You Can Apply


You Receive Study Acceptance


Apply For A Visa


Travel To Your Destination

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AIEA is a Professional Education and Immigration Company providing our clients with current information about immigration and studies offered globally.


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